Joe & Dale Angione

   Until yesterday, we were the owners of a house at 436 Pendleton Lane, Londonderry NH, and we were fortunate enough to have Tracy Murphy Roche as our real estate agent.    
   Prior to listing with Tracy, we had the house on the market for six months with another agent. During that time the house was hardly shown. There was one problem after another, and the agent did not seem to recall any of the information given to her.
   In December of 2010, we found Tracy on the Dave Ramsey “endorsed provider” service and our life turned around. Tracy is truly a professional. She is so caring and wonderful, and I firmly believe that this is why we were able to close on the house yesterday.
   My husband and I live in Florida and so, we had to do everything from a distance. I know that you are familiar with the weather you experienced this year. Tracy was able to get our driveway plowed out in time so that the house was shown as much as possible.   
   She went to the town and found out what we had to do to get a permit for the accessory apartment in the house, and she even met with the town inspector to expedite the approval.
   When the stove was inadvertently removed from the accessory apartment, Tracy went out and found a stove for us and then, when it could not be delivered from the store on time, she borrowed her dad’s truck and got it to our house. Tracy is the gold standard when it comes to real estate agents. She should be teaching real estate classes in marketing and sales. We were so fortunate to have Tracy Murphy Roche as our agent.

Tracy Murphy Roche
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